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served with Rice and Salad
Stir Fried noodles and veggies
served with Rice and salad
T-1 ChickenTeriyaki           6.19Y-1
Chicken Yakisoba               
T-2 Spicy    Chicken             6.99Y-2 Chicken Breast          7.49C-2
Sweet & Sour Chicken  
T-3 Chicken Breast  7.19Y-3 Beef or Pork                7.49C-3 Beef Broccoli or Chicken    7.49
T-4 Beef               7.19Y-4 Prawn                     7.99C-4 Mongolian Beef or Chicken    7.49
T-5 Pork               6.99Y-5   Tofu           6.99C-5 General Tao Chicken    7.49
T-6 Prawn             7.19Y-6   Veggie Yakisoba             6.49C-6 Orange Chicken       7.19
T-7 Beef short Ribs  8.99C-7 Kungpao Chicken       7.49
T-8 Gyoza Plate 10 pcs        6.99
T-9 Chicken Katsu 7.19
T-10 Tofu teriyaki   6.99
Teriyaki                ComboPriceSpecial                 PriceStir Fry Veggie                          serve with steam ricePrice
Co-1 Chicken &Beef7.49Sp-1 Prawn tempura8.25Sf-1 Chicken6.99
Co-2 Chicken & Pork7.19Sp-2 Bulgogi Beef or Pork7.99Sf-2 Chicken Breast 7.49
Co-3 Chicken & Prawn7.49Sp-3 Tempura Special Prawn /Gyoza &veggie8.25Sf-3 Beef & Pork7.49
Co-4 Beef & Prawn7.99Sp-4 Gyoza(5 pcs, eggroll pcs. w/fried rice7.19Sf-4 Prawn7.99
Co-5 Beef & Pork7.49Sp-5 Wanton Soup6.19Sf-5 Tofu6.99
Co-6 Chicken & short ribs8.99Sp-6 Spicy Noodle Soup5.19Sf-6  Vegetables^.49
Co-7 Chicken & Katsu7.49
Co-8 Chicken & eggroll or Gyoza7.49Curry                serve with steam rice and saladSide Orders
Co-9 beef & Gyoza or eggroll7.99Cu-1 Chicken6.991. PrawnTempura 4pcs.4.99
Cu-2 Beef7.992. Gyoza 6pcs 3.49
Cu-3 Chicken Katsu7.493. Eggroll 1pc.1.69
Fried RiceCu-4 Veggie6.994. Miso Soup1.49
F-1 Deluxe Fried Rice7.995.Stir fry Veggie3.49
F-2 Chicken6.19Filipino Food6. Steam Veggie2.99
F-3 Beef6.99Lumpia (6 pcs.)3.507. White Rice1.49
F-4 Pork6.99Adobo6.99
F-5 Prawn6.99Pancit6.99

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